Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Metamorphosis

In The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, the characters Gregor Samsa and his sister Grete go through major changes. It is critical for characters to go through changes wither they are big or small. Throughout the book we learn Gregor turns into a bug and how he deals with the struggle to survive. While Grete, finds her brother and decides to take care of him. Before believing she’s not taking care of Gregor just a giant bug.
The way Gregor reacts would not be uncommon to many people. In the beginning he doesn’t understand why it is happening to him then he slowly accepts it. The way he reacted is a positive way to handle a stressful situation. Gregor hides when his family comes into the room to help protect them. This is the most likely to occur in any situation. He would rather protect his family than to hurt them and be a burden on them.
From the beginning of the story Grete had an easy life until Gregor’s change. Grete’s reaction was to take care of her brother, which shows she’s a loving and caring person. After awhile she begins to become sick of taking care of him, her character becomes cold and mean. Grete now started to become independent and had her own job to help the family. This helps show that she still has the loving and caring side in her but yet she is still mean.
In The Metamorphosis, two characters change over time, one for good and the other for the bad. The more the characters change the more the reader can relate to them. This adds drama to the text and allows the reader compare to other works. The book has a deeper meaning than a book with no characters evolving over time.


Michelle said...

You use excessive plot summary, and are vague with your ideas. You don't touch on Kafka's overall message. You tend to oversimplify your thoughts and you have a few spelling errors.


Nikkie said...

you partially respond to prompt (how does this relate to kafka's overall meaning of the work?) Some of your word choices are vauge,like "changes". The analyisis is very surfaced. Whether is spelled wronginthe 4th sentence of the 1st paragraph.